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Jason McDonald is the Senior Editor of Arts & Opinion, an on-line arts and culture journal permanently housed in the Archives of Canada. His mission as a podcaster: the bring truth and nothing but the truth into radiant unconcealment.


All great truths begin as blasphemies.
George Benard Shaw

On commence à vieillir
quand on finit d'apprendre.

One begins to age when one ceases to learn.
Proverbe Japonais

You should not honor men more than truth.

Podcast theme music, Mexican Burn.
Serge Gamache



Andrew Caddell (LANGUAGE, AIM AND FIRE).

Founder of the Parti Canadien du Québec, Andrew has been on the front line of the linguistic wars for many years. He wants to make it fair as opposed to the all is fair in war syndrome. . . . for more.


Lead singer of the 222s, Montreal's first punk band, Chris tells it like it was; life in the fast lane with the beautiful and the damned, the drug scene, the music racket, from basement bacchanalias to the corner vomitorium, and against all the odds and oddballs, Chris Barry isn't dead . . . . . for more

Christian Boutin (FUTURE OF QUEBEC).

CAQ's craven Covid policy and the inexcusable death count. Is Pierre Polièvre Canada's new hope for freedoms crushed beneath the wheel of Trudeau -- a secret admirer of Trumpism. . . . for more.


Quebec Conservative Party candidate calls for radical health reform, which includes empowering non-doctors. Why are qualified doctors driving Uber? He explains how it can work. . . . for more.

Kristian Gravenor (ELECTION QUEBEC)

J & K in the first in a series of podcasts on all things Montreal, Quebec and Canada. Did de Tocqueville get it right: "beware of the tyranny of the majority". Is English Quebec getting hammered . . . . for more


Tintin is arguably first global role model in comic books history, but is the intrepid boy reporter guilty as accused: sexist, racist . . . for more.

John Woolfrey (TICKET TO RIDE)

From the Lords of Industry to the gutter people, limo driver, ex-Uber chauffeur, JW explains why the world is his oyster -- getting to meet and know people from every walk of life from everywhere on planet . . . . . for more


The good and bad and ugly of Montreal is disinterred through old newspaper headlines and clippings -- throwing into relief the city's evolution, its prejudices and passions . . . . . for more

Maira Prado (podcast in French)

Est-ce que les Québécois sont racistes ou très bien accueillant ? Le Québec devient-t-il comme le Vénézuela ou le contraire ? Écoutez Maira et Jason débattre. . . . . for more

Jordan Stein (Click here to listen)

Should Jews retain their paranoia? Do the Chinese have higher IQs? Is Israel a legitimate state. . . . for more

Kristian Gravenor (Click here to listen)

Kristian and Jason go toe to toe, the latter accused of hyporcracy and towing the line for the elite . . . . for more

Christian Belanger (Click here to listen).

Is the music we love an all-purpose pharmaceutical that we turn to when the going gets rough, when life turns tough . . . for more

Neal Mukherjee (Click here to listen).

The nitty gritty on racial profiling. Is Bitcoin for losers? Uncomfortable truths about Quebec Supreme Court justices. Handling the hot potato of multiculturalism in ultra nationalist Quebec. . . for more.

Thierry Alexandre Zambo (Click here to listen).

Music is your only friend, until the end . . . TAZ and Jason go head to head on the importance of music in turbulent times . . . for more.

Martin Deck (Click here to listen).

Never mind the bollocks - here’s Jason and Martin going toe to toe about which Canadian city produces the best music: Montreal, Toronto or Detroit? . . . for more.

Liz Hodgson (Click here to listen)

Did the #metoo movement go too far? What do gender and sex mean in 2022? From Jian Ghomeshi to Will Smith, what has been happening to masculinity and femininity while no one was looking? Liz and Jason dissect these issues and much more -- and how Red China fits in. . . . for more

Tanya Maria (Click here to listen)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau -- the art of normalizing betrayal. Vaccine hypocracy. The beautiful and the damned retreating before the abyss of political correctness . . . for more

Serge Ouimet (Click here to listen)

He describes himself as an atheist with a profound sense of wonder at all the beauty and mystery of existence . . . . . for more

Alexander Boldizar (Click here to listen)

The Freedom Convoy (the good, and bad and ugly). Where will Ukraine be in a year from now and will Putin survive his . . . . for more

Sid Parkinson (Click here to listen) Best laid plans

What really happened during the American Revolutionary War and the War of 1812-1815 . . . . for more

Sid Parkinson (Click here to listen: Don't Give Up the Fight

How America's wars led to the near bloodless birthing of Canada . . . . for more

Kristian Gravenor (Click here to listen) on the Freedom Convoy: Part I

The Freedom Convoy: Law breakers, anarchists or guardians of freedom . . . . for more

The Malaise of Modernity: Part II . . . for more










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