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Jason McDonald is the Senior Editor of Arts & Opinion, an on-line arts and culture journal permanently housed in the Archives of Canada. His mission as a podcaster: the bring truth and nothing but the truth into radiant unconcealment.



You should not honor men more than truth.


Jordan Stein (Click here for complete podcast or below for individual segments).

Part I: Jordan and Jason explore what makes them Jewish, and how that intersects with their respective cities: Minneapolis and Montreal. Next, their family origins in Russia, Belarus, and the UK and how those societies differ with respect to Jewish Culture. Jordan discusses the different 'flavours' of Jewishness and Jason responds with observations about why they differ. Is Anti-Semitism getting worse? Is anti-Semitism getting worse?’

Part II: The riots and violence of 2020 in Minneapolis and beyond, and how does being Jewish intersect there. Should Jews always be suspicious (paranoid) because of their minority status? Is Israel legitimate as Jewish state? Why would that be OK for Israel and not for the US or Canada? Jordan and Jason probe the origins of various countries and the rights of minorities in different societies. Are Palestinians being denied the fundamentals?

Part III: Did Philip Roth expose the underbelly of American Jewry? What is the relationship between the Trump movement and American Jews and is it Orwellian? What would have happened had Nazi Germany won WWII? The connection between art, Jewishness, and nationality is explored through artists such as Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, including the latter’s appeal to participate in the 1973 Yom Kippur war. Jews invented stand-up comedy (LOL) as well as the relationship between fear, the outsider and comedy. Are Larry David, and Seinfeld stand-ins for modern day Talmudic debate through comedy? Why refusal to conform is essentially Jewish

Part IV:The wars and anti-Semitism that forced Jews to move around. Why is it hard to integrate and maintain an original culture? How naming conventions shows us how integrated (or not) Jews are in North America. Is Yiddish disappearing as the world moves forward? Is Canada still a free country? Is there going to be a second US Civil War? What's behind the toppling of statues of John A. Macdonald and others, and the debate over history.’

Part V: The role of Judaism in the world. Is there a future for Jews? An exploration of Jewish traditions and how they intersect with Jason and Jordan as friends and fellow tribesmen. An examination of the connection betweenl Western law and Talmudic scholarship. The link between Spinoza and and the Jewish tradition of ‘kvetching.’ Unveiling the link between the Freedom Convoy truckers and the centuries-deep Jewish tradition of non-conformity. Are Covid measures more extreme in Canada than in the US?




The podcast music track, QUEMADA MEXICANA (Mexican Burn), was composed by Serge Gamache.










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