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gender-based income redistribution with honour and dignity



Editor's Note: The interview below contains sexually explicit language and is intended for mature readers.

The authors of the interview were not able to provide Arts & Opinion with any contact information, citing the para-legal nature of their work and its financing.


QQ: Let’s start at the beginning. Why this interview?

SEX WORKER: I need someone, the media, to help me, us (I belong to an organization) with my agenda.

QQ: Which is?

SEX WORKER: I want to make the case that certain women, especially intelligent women have a duty to themselves to become prostitutes. The option isn’t for everyone, but depending on a woman’s political passion, it’s an option that more women would exercise if the potential, or the positive aspects of prostitution were better known. From day one, the profession of prostitution has been negatively defined by males for males.

QQ: Why should an intelligent women want to become a prostitute?

SEX WORKER: Men have always held power over women: at first physically, then politically and economically. With their power, they have used women for their own ends, for their own pleasure, exploited them for their labour. To this day men earn 30% more then women for doing the same work. Whether this is fair or not is to miss the point. Men are physically more capable than women in every respect except one: WE CAN MAKE LOVE ALL DAY LONG AND MEN CANNOT. So if throughout history men have used their ‘natural’ physical advantage for their own ends, which includes the systematic exploitation of women, women should be encouraged to use their one physical advantage to their own end. As a political act, as an economic consideration, as an act of liberation, I want to encourage some of us women to become prostitutes, and to be proud of the fact because being able to make love all day long is a natural, god-given-power that provides us with the means to correct the economic injustices men have subjected us to throughout our history.

QQ: How does becoming a prostitute, one of the most frowned upon professions in the world, liberate women?

SEX WORKER: Let me explain or rather let the numbers explain. I charge $100 for a 30 minute session. During a typical session, and I’m being generous here, the average time a penis is inside my vagina is 3 minutes. Therefor, for every hour of penetration I earn $100 x 20 penetrations = $2,000. x 7/hours/days/ = $14,000. x 5 day/week = $70,000. x 42 weeks/year = $2,940,000. The numbers speak for themselves. After 42 weeks of being penetrated, I will have earned almost 3 million dollars, which tells a very interesting story of the relationship that exists between a woman’s strength and a man’s weakness. Men use their physical superiority for their own ends, to make a economically better life for themselves; women should be encouraged to use their physical, which in this case is sexual, strength for their betterment. Call it another form of taxation or gender-based income redistribution.

QQ: I find your facts misleading, self-serving. Penetration is only one aspect of a 30 minute session.

SEX WORKER: Of course. I’m only making a point here. But this is the real point, and I’m talking about real time now. I charge $100 a session, which means I earn $200/hr. x 7 hour = $1,400 day. X 5 days/week = $7000 week. X 42 weeks/year = $291,000 per year. If a physically strong man can earn millions playing football, basketball, why shouldn’t a mentally strong, politically motivated, intelligent, attractive woman be able to exercise her physical powers which can earn her as much 300,000 per year. Why, instead is she made to feel humiliated and ashamed of her natural ability? This does not make sense, and my goal is to set the record straight and undo the male generated fiction that a woman who practices prostitution is by definition an object of scorn.

QQ: Why do you say men are weak, when what I think you mean is that men are more easily aroused than women?

SEX WORKER: I say you are weak because you can’t say no to your desire. Men risk years in prison for following their sexual predilections, they risk contracting all sorts of sexual diseases because they can’t say no, they risk their marriages and relationships because they can’t say no. The fact of the matter is that you give us billions of dollars per year because you are weak, because you cannot say no.

QQ: Why should a women be proud of being penetrated by 1000ds of strangers over the course of year, of selling sexual favours for money?

SEX WORKER: I’m calling for women to be proud of their god-given sexual superiority over men, a superiority that is two-fold: that we can make love all day long, and that we can control our sexuality more than men. As a rule, when women get horny we don’t patronize prostitutes, we don’t consume pornography, we don’t rape, we’re not sexually deviant. Men are all these things and they use their political and economic power to turn us into objects of ill repute for doing what they wish they could do. Believe me, if men could fuck all day long, that’s exactly what they would be doing. Don’t you think it’s a bit ridiculous that we are categorized as tramps, tarts, whores, sluts, for doing exactly what men wish they could do?

We prostitutes are your invention. We exist because you are weak. What’s incredible is how you have successfully managed not only to turn us into objects of scorn, but worse, you have convinced other women to buy into this prejudice.

More than being slaves to your desire, you are slaves to your envy. You envy us because we are sexually superior, and to get back at us for our one power over you, you turn us into objects of ill-repute. A man who plays around is a Don Juan, or playboy, an object of envy and admiration. A women, for doing exactly the same thing, is called a whore, a tramp. This has to be one of the biggest lies generated by men for men, and our goal is to expose the lie for what it is, and encourage more women, especially needy women, to take advantage of their natural strength and man’s natural weakness and become prostitutes and be proud of it.

QQ: You don’t seriously think men envy women because they can’t lie on their backs all day long?

SEX WORKER: Let me tell you something about just how much men envy and hate women. I would say about between 5 and 10 percent of my clients request The Golden Shower, where they ask me to pee on them. Have you ever thought about why a human being would want to be peed on?

QQ: They’re obviously sick.

SEX WORKER: What’s disturbing is that they ‘are not’ sick, but they are so resentful of a woman’s sexual superiority that it becomes intolerable to the point where they will do almost anything, especially if they have the ‘extra’ money, to humiliate a woman, to make her compromise her sexual superiority. We all know what going to the bathroom is all about. It’s something we have to do and we would rather do it alone, in private. If a woman is at her strongest when she is sexually desirable, she is at her weakest, sexually least attractive, when she is going to the bathroom. So what does it tell you about the mindset of the man who so badly wants to humiliate a woman, bring her down into his sewer, that he actually pays to be peed on for the satisfaction of humiliating her, to expose her in her least sexually attractive state. So in answer to your question, yes, many men hate women for their natural sexual superiority.

QQ: Why do you go along with such a practice?

SEX WORKER: It’s great to be paid for taking a pee, something I have to do anyway. But don’t get me wrong. I know who I’m dealing with: someone who hates women, who at any time could become violent.

QQ: What kind of sex do you have with these types?

SEX WORKER: These are people who are profoundly screwed up, who want to be normal, who want to be told they’re normal – ‘so going to the bathroom is perfectly normal’ I tell them, and then, ‘if you’re comfortable with it so am I. And anyway, who’s to judge what’s normal,’-- and they seem to believe me. Part of what turns them on is that they don’t need a desirable women to get them going; it’s only after they see me pee on them, when I’m least desirable, do they get excited.

QQ: How have the new wonder drugs like Viagra changed sexual practices and politics?

SEX WORKER: From time to time I receive clients who have no right to be sexual: people who have abused themselves for many years or are in such bad health they should be in the hospital or in long term care. I’m sure they use Viagra. My more experienced colleagues tell me that they receive a lot more middle-aged and older men than before, which means that men are remaining sexually active longer, which makes it easier for us to earn more money, which, let’s face it, is empowerment. Because most of us would rather deal with older men, I would say Viagra is good thing, and we’re making more money from it than Pfizer.

QQ: What are you going to do with all this money?

SEX WORKER: I’m part of a political organization which consists of 20, mostly university educated prostitutes. We already have several million dollars put away; our target is 8 million which we’ll hit by the middle or 3rd quarter of next year. Part of that money will be used to open up a school to teach women why they should take pride in becoming prostitutes; because it’s their strength, their heritage and there isn’t a good reason why they shouldn’t take pride in making a spectacular living. We want to teach women that men, and men alone have decided that it’s better for an attractive women to earn minimum wage doing menial work instead of working as a rich, influential and politically active prostitute. This is a huge and unacceptable lie, and its days are numbered. We are dedicated to changing the mindset that turns a woman against herself, that makes a woman blame herself for men’s weakness, that makes her ashamed of her sexual superiority. Some of the money will be used to lobby the powers-that-be to legalize prostitution, to make it a reputable profession. The time has come to make a woman’s prerogative politically viable, to practice and take pride in exercising our natural sexual superiority, and to show man for what he is: sexually inferior to women and a slave to his envy and vindictiveness. We all know of the existence of houses of ill-repute; what the world has to be taught is that men and only men live there.

QQ: One final question. Does your family know about your work? Are you in a relationship with anyone, and how does your work affect your relationships?

SEX WORKER: I come from a traditional family. My parents have had nothing to do with me for a long time now. My 2 older brothers are quite supportive. My boyfriend of 3 years is proud of what I do, is proud to be with me at all times, and makes sure that everyone we meet knows about what I do, and where he stands. Males friends, strangely enough accept what I do somewhat easier than my female friends.

(Laughing) You see how you men have got it all figured out. You not only put us down, you’ve recruited other women to your cause of blaming the woman for man’s weakness. We know that attitudes aren’t going to change overnight; that we are up against 1000ds of years of tradition and brainwashing. But every change starts with a beginning, and we are it.

QQ: Thank you for this interview. We should do this again in a year from now?

SEX WORKER: Let me check my agenda (laughs).

Artwork©Mady Bourdage
Title graphic©


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