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Finn's Girl, directed by Dominique Cardona and Laurie Colbert, played to positive reviews at the 2007 Montreal World Film Festival . Gilbert Seah, who reviews films for Cinema Eye, gave the film 3.5 out of 5 stars.

from Finn's GirlDocumentary team Dominique Cardona and Laurie Colbert’s (Thank God I’m a Lesbian) first fictional feature is a surprisingly upbeat, anti-Hollywood family movie. The kids smoke dope and the children know that having two mothers is cool. No doubt the centre of the piece is 11-year old Zelly (Maya Ritter) a.k.a. Finn’s (Brooke Johnson) Girl. The difference here is that Finn is a 40-ish old lesbian who also happens to run the Toronto abortion clinic. Finn ‘fathered’ the girl with her lover (Gail Maurice), who passed away from breast cancer.

The actual film mostly deals with Finn and Zelly coming to terms and accepting one another as mother and daughter. What occurred earlier -- the loss of Zelly’s mother and Finn’s partner; Zelly’s relationship with her sperm donor father; the taking over of the clinic; the clinical experiments -- all take place off screen. The audience is updated through the characters’ conversations.

But what distinguishes this film from others in the lesbian genre are the events and serious issues surrounding the story. Finn, a strong, vulnerable and sometimes too caring dike on a bike, is being stalked by aggressive anti-abortionist. The kids are portrayed as brash yet smart and of course non-judgmental. Though the film could benefited from editing out the sometimes confusing subplots -- Finn’s new romance; abortion and experimental rights; custody; coming-of-age -- the film is kept on a fairly tight leash by the directors despite some daring, albeit credible, twists in plot. Nonetheless, while the film is to be commended for avoiding the melodramatic, it could have been helped by a more confrontational ending. Also, although the characters are generally interesting, one wonders to where all the normal boring people have disappeared.

On the plus side is the filmmaker’s decision to shoot the film in Toronto, with its familiar landmarks, and not try to turn the back drop into yet another unnamed American city.

The film doesn’t shy away from the directors background in documentary. Finn’s Girl is shot at The Morgentaler Clinic – an actual abortion facility. The rooms, security measures and protest staging all have an authentic feel.

The male roles are well written in. It is good to see a female film not falling into the common trap of having all the males depicted as idiots or a-holes. There are also moments of revealing humour as it concerns gender.

Despite its oversweet ending and predictable pacing from start to finish, Finn’s Girl still holds the audience’s interest and will no doubt make the rounds in gay and lesbian film festivals this year. It got a first screening at Toronto’s own Inside Out fest, and now, deservedly, it receiving positive notice in commercial theaters.

For the ratings of all the films from the 2007 Montreal World Film Festival, click HERE.
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