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Vol. 7, No.1, 2008

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Robert J. Lewis
  Senior Editor
Mark Goldfarb
  Contributing Editors
Bernard Dubé
Phil Nixon
Robert Rotondo
  Music Editor
Emanuel Pordes
  Arts Editor
Marissa Consiglieri de Chackal
Mady Bourdage
Marcel Dubois
Emanuel Pordes
  Past Contributors
  Noam Chomsky
Mark Kingwell
Naomi Klein
Arundhati Roy
Robert Fisk
David Solway
Michael Moore
Richard Rodriguez
Pico Iyer
Edward Said
Jean Baudrillard
Bill Moyers
Barbara Ehrenreich
Leon Wieseltier
Charles Lewis
John Lavery
Tariq Ali
Michael Albert
Rochelle Gurstein


2002, Vol. 1, No. 1

Robert Fisk on the Middle East
Pico Iyer - interview
Bowling for Columbine - critique by Cynthia Fuchs
The Trials of Henry Kissinger - critique by J. Tanzer
Art of Les Cosgrove - critique by Robert J. Lewis
John Lavery's The Man With the Stamp
Elizabeth Bishop recites Sonnet (a poem)
Marina Endicott reviews Guy Vanderhaege's THE LAST CROSSING
Ryan McKaken: Of Dogs and Men
Stephen Day: Letter from an Fortunate Refugee
Blues of Ronnie Earl

2003, Vol. 2, No. 1

Arundhati Roy on anti-Americanism
Robert J. Lewis examines Pornography
Tariq Ali: Letter to a Muslim
Talk To Her: film review by Frank Vigorito
Shanghai Ghetto: film review by Elias Savada
Gustavo Sigal, the art of
Juan Manuel Sanchez and Alex Waterhouse-Hayward, the art of
Al Billings: Far Enough South
Robert Haas: poem
Rochelle Gurstein: the Mona Lisa
Arthur Kaptainis on modern classical music
Riad Saloojee: the charade of Iraq
The blues of Jimmie Vaughan

2003, Vol. 2, No. 2

Noam Chomsky on Iraq
Mark Kingwell Interview
Review of City of God by KJ Doughton
Art of Guy Benson by Marissa Consiglieri deChackal
David Solway: Recollections of a Pseudo Philosopher
Charles Lambert's All Gone (Short Story)
Robert Fanning poem: My Digital Initimate
Shane Neilson: Political Poetry's Resurgence
Bernard Dubé: The Roil Over Oil
Robert J. Lewis: For Whom The Genes Toll
The Blues of Delbert McClinton

2003, Vol. 2, No. 3

Edward Said: Chronicle of Infitada Foretold
David Solway on Quebec/Richler
IBM and the Nazi Connection
John Malkovich Interview by Tasha Robinson
KJ Doughton reviews Manic (film reivew)
Ryan Bigge essay: Everything Falls Apart
Robert Lewis reviews Man Without A Past (film review)
Sean Johnston's The Underdog (short story)
Art of Eric Carlos Bertrand by Maya Khankhoje
Alex Waterhouse-Hayward: Photography
The Blues of Ray Bonneville by Emanuel Pordes

2003, Vol. 2, No. 4

Noam Chomsky on Collateral Damage
Alex Waterhouse-Hayward's Nudes
Aaron Wherry: Pop Divas, Pantydom and 3-Chord Ditties
Robert J. Lewis: Guitars, Gonads & Groupies are Wild
KJ Doughton reviews Magdalene Sisters (film review)
Eric Ormbsy reviews David Solway's RANDOM WALKS
Anne Simpson: 7 Poems
Naomi Klein reviews Letters to a Young Acitivist (book reiview)
Art of Lyne Bastien reviewed by Marissa Consiglieri de Chackal
The Blues of Derek Trucks

2003, Vol. 2, No 5

Jean Beaudrillard: Historicizing the Millenium
Michael Albert: Buying Dreams
Robert J. Lewis: On Immigration Policy
Cynthia Fuchs reviews Dirty Pretty Things (film review)
Hoagy Carmichael Interview
Al Billings: Half-Hidden Road (Memoir)
Nabeela Sheikh: True Romance (Short Story)
Robert James Berry: The Ocean (poem)
The Art of Kapil Harnal by Sarah Bagnall and Marissa Consiglieri de Chackal
Michael Jackson: Sleeping With the Enemy
The Blues of Chocolate Genuis (American Splendor)

2004, Vol. 3, No. 1

Michael Moore: Face It, You'll Never Be Rich
Donald Morgenson: The Love of Laughter
Barbarian Invasions reviewed by KJ Doughton
Fog of War reviewed by Colin Speaker
Scott Michaelson & Scott Shershow: The Lieber Code/Law of Sovereign Exception
Art of Magdalena Magiera by Marissa Consiglieri de Chackal
Art of Nguyen TAI by Marissa de Consiglieri de Chackal
The Jazz Guitar of Tommy Emanuel
The Blues of Colin Lindon
Robert J. Lewis: Ethnicity and Self-Hatred
Angels of Mercy: Interview with Palliative Care Specialist

2004, Vol. 3, No. 2

Mark Kingwell: Making of Media Icon
Robert J. Lewis critiques Roberto Romei Rotondo's THE ROAMERS
Prostitution: Gender-based income redistibution with honor and dignity
The art of Nicole St. Pierre by Marissa Consiglieri de Chackal
Patricia Sarrafian Ward: The Bullet Connection (short story)
Jason Anderson reviews film The Corporation
Lester Pimental reviews film Blind Shaft
Jazz pianist John Stetch
Blues of Robert Jr. Lockwood

2004, Vol. 3, No. 3

Justin Podur on Chiapas: Ten Years After
Bruce Cockburn Interview
Robert J. Lewis: Installation Art
Art of Charles Malinsky by R. Rozsa
Penis Dimensions - Spam and your Penis
Elias Savada reviews The Station Agent
Sally Fallon and Mary Enig: The Soya Bean Conspiracy
Aaron Wherry: American Ideal
Harry Manx sings A Little Cruel
Susie Arioli sings Now I Know

2004, Vol. 3, No. 4

Josey Vogels : Kidde Porn, The Internet and Uncommon Sense
EMBALMER, The Confessions of
The sculpture of Armand Vaillancourt by Robert J. Lewis
Alex Waterhouse-Hayward: bathtub photography
Dr. Joe Schwarcz talks about toxins
Cynthia Fuchs reviews the film The Agronomist
Diana Krall interview by Aaron Wherry
Tom Carroll Cartoon
The art of Marc Fortier by Marissa Consiglieri de Chackal
Jazz singer Coral Egan
Blues of Otis Spann

2004, Vol. 3, No. 5

Michael Albert : Capitalism at the Crossroads
Alex Waterhouse-Hayward: Live Art
Katherine Czapp: The Ubiquity of Mercury
Robert J. Lewis: The Michelle Pfeiffer Effect
Dr. Joe Schwarcz: Oxygenating Athletes and Banned Substances
Robert J. Lewis: The Greatest Lie Ever: 20th Century Dress
Cynthia Fuchs reviews Maria Full of Grace
Rare Pearls (art review) by Marissa Consiglieri de Chackal
Jazz singer Stacey Kent
Blues of Ana Popovic

2004, Vol. 3, No. 6

Richard Rodriguez : Asians and Mexicans Count, Too.
Josey Vogels: Sex Traders in the Material World
Guy Saddy: Is Prog Rock on the Rocks
Lori Lipinski: Milk - The Dairy Industry's Tarnished Angel
Michael Taol: The Coca Leaf - Cultural Uses and Abuses
Robert J. Lewis: The Meaning of Dreams
Jurgen Fauth reviews the film: S21 - The Killing Machine of the Khume Rouge
Barbara Lefcowitz - fiction: The Girl from Albania
Bernard Dubé: Photo Essay
Jazz singer Carol Welsman

2005, Vol. 4, No. 1

Barbara Ehrenreich: A Uterus Is No Substitute for a Conscience
Interview : Bob DYLAN
Christopher Hitchens & Tariq Ali Debate Iraq
Robert J. Lewis: Bad Belly in Delhi
Riad Saloojee: Into the Art and Heart of Fasting
Wayne Bremser: The Lost Language of Jazz In an On-line Age
Jenn Clamen: Sex Workers of the World Unite
Paul Ingraham: The Anatomy of Vitality
Maya Khankhoje: The art of Remigio Valdes de Hoyos
Elbert Ventura reviews the film In This World
Jazz: Aldo Romano Jazz singer Carol Welsman

2005, Vol. 4, No. 2

Charles Lewis: American Jihad Against Transparency & Accountabiility
Robert J. Lewis: Divine Right & the Unrevolted Masses
Farmed Salmon : Why Are We Eating It
Michael Parenti: Are Hetrosexuals Worthy of Marriage?
Albert Ventura: America's Fear of Foreign Film
Buffalo Boy reviwed by KJ Doughton
The Art of MADY reviewed by Marissa Consiglieri de Chackal
David Steinberg: Sex and Fine Art
Holt & Skov: Blobobjects and Beyond
Jazz: Denzal Sinclaire

2005, Vol. 4, No. 3

Bill Moyers: No Tomorrow
Eugene Oscapella: Prohibition Doesn't Work
David Steinberg: G-Strings & Symnpapthy - Book Revew
Dr. Joe Schwarcz: Are Organic Vegetables Healthier?
Robert J. Lewis: Rap Music - Truth & Consequences
The Art of MYLENE GERVAIS reviewed by Lydia Schrufer
Romeo Dallaire: Shake Hands with the Devil reviwed John Griffin
Liam Durcan: Nightflight (fiction)
Rochelle Gurstein:On the Misery of Strangers
Margarete Scmerville: On Same Sex Marriage
Jazz: Madeleine Peyroux
Music: Martha Wainwright

2005, Vol. 4, No. 4

Thomas Friedman: Interviewed by Nayan Chandra
Robert J. Lewis: Michael Jackson: Manchild in a Promised Land
Born Into Brothels reviewed by Ken Eisner
Stephen Lewis: Aids Has a Woman's Face
Coconut Oil Rehabilitated by Mary Enig
The Art of CHRISTINA COLEMAN by Lydia Schrufer
Stuart Lenig: Film Essay - Zombies Are Us
Jazz: Bireli Lagrene

2005, Vol. 4, No. 5

Noam Chomsky: by Cynthia Peters
J.A. Quaytman - Michael Jackson: Another Seduction
Head-On reviewed by John Griffin
Julius Grey: The Paradox of Rules and Regulations
Robert Jensen: Into the Heart of Whiteness
Zhang Yimou interviewed by Barbara London
Ingrid Rice Cartoon
The art of LAURA HOLLICK by Lydia Schrufer
Di Caelers: Music and the Immune System
Robert J. Lewis: The Eclectic Switch
Jazz: Sonido Isleno by Diane Gordon

2005, Vol. 4, No. 6

Naomi Klein: Fences of Enclosure
Janis Ian: Are Downloaders Freeloaders?
Josey Vogels: 21st CENTURY SEX
Robert J. Lewis: Melody and Mind
Dr. Joe Schwarcz: Can Red Meat Take the Heat?
Gary Wisby: On the Secret Trail of Trash
Randy Bish: Cartoon
Alex Waterhouse-Hayward: Photos of a One-armed Nude
Dan Stefik Film Review - The Edukators
Between Sets: Marc Jordan
Jazz: Sylvain Provost & Norman Lachapelle

2006, Vol. 5, No. 1

Evelyn Lau: The Chink Word
Dan Stefik Film Review - Water
Mecca, Feminism & Modernity Irshad Manji
Diane Gordon: The Roil Over Oil
John Pahle: Tehran's USA Red Brick Wall?
Robert J. Lewis: Confessions of a Chronophobe
Ingrid Rice: Cartoon
Art of Louise Jalbert by Lydia Schrufer
Between Sets: Juana Molina by Serge Gamache
Jazz: Samina

2006, Vol. 5, No. 2

Female Genital Mutilation: by B.A. Robinson
Jim Morrison: Life and Death reviewed by Serge Gamache
Michael Whealen reviews Cormac McCarthy
David Solway on James Joyce: Reading the Encyclopedia Dementia
Karel Sloane: A View of Nature
Graeme Mackay: Cartoon
Phillip Routh: The Sea Gull
Robert J. Lewis: On the Road in Peru
Samsara: film review by Hana Benveniste
The art of Rosemary Scanlon by Lydia Schruter Between Sets: Paulo Ramos by Diane Gordon
Jazz: Kevin Breit

2006, Vol. 5, No. 3

Robert J. Lewis: Cycle Hype or Genotype
Geoff Olson: The Seven Spins
John Lavery: Yuri and the King Crab
G.L. Mind: Being Gazed Upon
Tsotsi: film reviewed by KJ Doughton
Big Sugar: documentary reviewed by Daniel Stefik
Howard Richler: Yinglish Schminglish
Andy Singer's Cartoon
The art of Ultralab by Lydia Schruter
Jazz: Sophie Milman

2006, Vol. 5, No. 4

Female Genital Mutilation Part II: with Erica Pomerance
Margeret Somerville:Against Euthanasia
Ken Eisner reviews C.R.A.Z.Y.
Noushin Ehsan: Relfections on Museum Design
Peter McMillan: Clash of Civlizations
Thomas I. Palley: Dollar Lust
Genovali & Darimont: No Chances with Wolves
Howard Richler: The Significant Other Conundrum
Robert J. Lewis: Truth & Forgery
Kristen Pauch-Nolin: Stiches, Bitches and a Few Strands of Pubic Hair
Jazz: Annie Poulain

2006, Vol. 5, No. 5

On the Passing of ORIANA FALLACI: by Robert J. Lewis
Judy Rebick:Being Woman in Iraq
Donna Nebenzahl reviews The Omnivore's Dilemma
Dr. Joe Schwarcz: Bean Food
Daniel Quinn: Schooling, The Hidden Agenda
The Gambaroff Family of Artsts by Lydia Schrufer
Geoff Olson: The 7 Deadly Spins
A Long Walk (Eiji Okuda) - film review
Bill Lleak Cartoon
Jazz: Coco Zhao

2006, Vol. 5, No. 6

Micheal Pollan: Retreat from Meat
Robert J Lewis: Fear & Trembling in the Age of Terror
Geoff Olson: The 7 Deadly Spins - Envy
Peter Christoff reviews Tim Flannery's The Weather Makers
Anita Roy: At Play in the Garbage Fields of the Lord
An Inconvenient Truth:by Chris Knight
Abbas Zaidi: Story Behind a Short Story
G. K. Chesterton: The Terror of a Toy
The Art of Francine Hébert by Lydia Schrufer
Bill Leak Cartoon
Jazz: Badi Assad
Jazz: Pat Martino

2007, Vol. 6, No. 1

Noam Chomsky: US Against Sovereign Iraq
Robert J Lewis: In Praise of Envy
Mukhtaran Mai: The Shape of Rape in Pakistan
Dweezil Zappa:Interviewed by Mr. Bonzai
Mark Goldfarb: Hurts & Alerts
Marcel Dubois: Photography of
Kent Turner reviews the film Sisters in Law
Paul Ingraham: Ten Trillion Cells Walked into a Bar
Anita Roy: Ma River Ganges
Jazz: Michel Donato & Guillaume Bouchard - Bass Duo
Classical: Jerry Gerber
Between Sets: Luis de Godoy

2007, Vol. 6, No. 2

Michael Parenti: How Wealth Creates Poverty
Robert J. Lewis: Pet Obsessions
Scott Foundas reviews the film Send in a Bullet
Dr. Joe Schwarcz: Pesticides Per Trillion
The Art of Ruben Cuckier by Lydia Schrufer
Anita Roy: Blogger Down
Howard Richler: The Oxfordization of Poutine
Abbas Zaidi: Short Fiction - The Man Who Would Be Remembered
David Sanderson reviews film Banking on Heaven
Jazz: Ingrid Jensen - Trumpet on a Storm

2007, Vol. 6, No. 3

David Solway: Unveiling the Terrorist Mind
Phyllis Chesler: Secular Islam on the Rise
Roi Ben Yehuda reviews Faith Without Fear (Irshad Manji)
Rawi Hage: Interview + Book Review
Marie Rose Williams - The Great Teflon Lie & Toxicity
Robert J. Lewis: Death Wish 7 Billion
Tracy Robinson: When Fire Reigns
The Art of Raka B. Saha by Debbie Oliver
The Art of Purvis Young by Dindy Yokel
Jazz: John Roney & Jim Doxas
Jazz: Ivanhoe & Bathyscaphe

2007, Vol. 6, No. 4

Robert J. Lewis: On Cruising
Justin Podur: Global Warming
Peter Goddard: The Sex-Art of Jesika Joy
David Solway: The Big Lie: Terror, Antisemitism & Identity
Brian Zaikowski - Cartoon
The Art of William Kinnis and Dominique Tremblay by Lydia Schrufer
Serge Gamache reviews The Chinese Botanist's Daughter
Fawaz Gerges: Seething Anger in a Broken Middle East
Jazz: Russell Malone

2007, Vol. 6, No. 5

Robert J. Lewis: The Rebuke
Robert Cockburn: The Epidemic of Counterfeit Drugs
John Kelman - The Music of Dhaser Youssef
Paula Rothenberg: Feminism Now and Then
H.L.Mencken - The Zoo
Phillip Routh reviews Philip Roth's Everyman
BEN X: reviewed by Marcel Dubois
Jazz: David Binney

2007, Vol. 6, No. 6

Noam Chomsky: The Responsibility of the Itellectual
The BITCH word = blogosphere
Mark Schapiro's Exposed: Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products
Alex Waterhouse-Hayward: Photography
Payam Akhavan: Why Iran Wants to Rumble
Phillip Routh: The Rise and Fall of Jerzy Kosinski
Film Review of Rodrigo Pla's La Zona by Marcel Dubois
Robert J. Lewis: In Defense of Martin Heidegger
Aviva Glaser: Exposed - Triclosan, the Ubiquitous Antibacterial
Film Review of Gela Babluani's The Legacy by Sylvain Richard
2007 Millennium Summit Report
Jazz: Kurt Rosenwinkel

2008, Vol. 7, No. 1

Wendy McElroy: In Defense of Pornography
Ayaan Hirst Ali interviewed by Rogier Van BAkel
Rochelle Gurstein: The Pornographic Imagination
Kristen Kosmas - On Violent Men
Film Review of Irina Palm by Philippa Hawker
Robert Jensen's GETTING OFF reviewed by Eleanor Bader
Robert J. Lewis: Prisons of the World Unite
Howard Richler: Can I Have a Word with You?
Aletheia Plankiw: Right-Through Stare
The installation art of Gudrun Vera Hjartardottir by Tamara Schullin
Dindy Yokel: the art of Quilts
Jazz: Mimi Fox

2008, Vol. 7, No. 2

Ernesto Zedillo: Betraying Free Trade
David Solway: Confronting Islam
Jim Fay: The Squaw Word
Allen Cassels: Pharmaspeak
Naomi Klein: The Shock Doctrine by Juan Santos
Philippa Hawker reviews 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days
Kenneth Green: Plastics - Facts & Fictions
Colin Nickerson: Of Microbes and Men
Robert Lewis: Abstract art Isn't Art
Donald Dewey: Cartoon Power
Magie Dominic: The Gown of Stillness (Art)
Jazz: Kurt Elling
Jazz: Voo Doo Scat



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