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Yahia Lababidi
It took heart and courage to write your Alt. Zionism piece. And mind, too, to remind people of the inclusive etymology of Zionism and the definition of co(m)passion for the world's injustices.

It is seems to be a perversion of human nature that those to whom violence is done do violence in return. A staggering percentage, I believe over 70% or so of those who physically/sexually abuse are molested themselves.

Staggering too the statement you make, and unfortunate study you cite, about why Palestinians prefer to stay in Israel. No, Mr. Lewis, it is not equal rights (read dehumanizing humiliation) they enjoy that keeps them stuck there, far from blameless yet 'more sinned against than sinning.' It is their attachment to Land, Family, Home and History - things anyone can/should understand. But, as you capably show in the case of the New Zionism, as a people we are regrettably and dangerously selective in our sympathies.

David Solway
My congratulations on your essay. Its thesis is largely correct --the only very slight flaw I can detect is in some of the evidence you martial with respect to Israel. In one sense you are correct: owing to the need to maintain geopolitical viability, Israel has not sided with Taiwan against China or Armenia against Turkey. I understand this in terms of realpolitik, though morally I deplore it, for the Armenian genocide should be acknowledged. On the other hand, I have read several articles and official statements by Israeli writers and politicos siding with the Darfurians and, of course, the Israeli response team in Haiti did a magnificent job. It also offered aid to both Turkey and Iran when these countries experienced Richterian quakes, but was, naturally, refused. Nor do I think the world would give a damn no matter what Israel might say or claim or do; for example, it was just accused by a YouTube blogger of organ harvesting in Haiti.

Yoav Tenembaum
The arguments you advance are quite original and thought-provoking. I agree with some of your comments and disagree with others.

Just one comment, if I may: I would beg to differ with you about the Israelis' lack of interest in other peoples' problems-tragedies. If you look at earthquakes and other similar tragedies that take place, whether in Turkey or Haiti, you would find Israeli rescue workers, physicians, fire-fighters, and others, being among the first to arrive on the scene. Indeed, proportionately, Israelis are more often than not represented in such tragic places in considerable numbers.

To claim that Israelis are apathetic about other peoples' problems, in my view, distorts reality.

Indeed, Israeli Jews are very self-conscious of their having been a persecuted minority throughout history; their conclusion – at least the conclusion reached by most Israeli Jews, I think – is that Israeli Jews cannot remain apathetic at other peoples' problems. You hear such arguments on many occasions, also as applied to the Arab minority in Israel.

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