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plurality --tolerance

 Aydin Matlabi © Divers/Cité



For many people, Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday because it is non-denominational, it excludes no one. DIVERS / CITE, Kim RichardsonMontreal’s annual gay and lesbian arts festival, is conceived in that same spirit where differences are celebrated through the arts.

Whether we ackowledge or not, we are all in favour of diversity, be it in our choice of restaurants, radio and TV stations, cultural events, places of travel, genres of films, and the books and newspapers we read. As a society, we are so fascinated by diversity we look for it all of our endeavors. Natalie ChoquetteDiversity, in its best and most productive sense, is the elan vital of the open minded in their quest for knowledge and meaning in life.

The 15th edition of DIVERS / CITE took place between Aug. 1 and 5th and was a success on all counts. The best of Quebec talent showed up for the event, including: Florence K., who a month earlier gave 3 shows at the Montreal Jazz Festival, Nancy Martinez, Dawn Tyler Watson, Julie Massicotte, Johanne Blouin, Hilary Porter, Angel Forrest, Sylvie Desgroseilliers, Stacy Tabb, Stephane Lemieux, Louisa NadjaPepe, Paul Alleruzzo, Paul Mathieu and Marie Claude Petit. Blues, jazz and pop fans were treated royally as were opera buffs, as witnessed by the standing ovation that erupted for Nathalie Choquette after her moving interpretation of Nessum d’Orma, from Puccini’s Turandot.

Among the many musical highlights were Joanne Blouin singing "Enough Is Enough" and "Regarde-moi", Dawn Tyler Watson’s "Rocking Blues" and Angel Forrest’s interpretation of "What’s Up."

As usual, the event was organized around various cultural themes, such as Latino Evening, Cinema in the Park, Indoor Cabaret, La Grande Dance, Disco Ball and Boulevard of Dreams.Nancy Martinez

With the weather cooperating fully -- unlike last year – these first 5 days of good vibrations in August demonstrated that not only does diversity work, but is its own reason and justification. For this exceptional result, a tip of the cap goes to festival Joanne Blouin & Natalie Blouin-Bradwaithe curator/organizer/emcee Marleen Maynard and her team for meeting both the political and artistic objectives of the event.

Make sure you put this event on your calendar for next year.

Sylvie DesgroseilliersCassiopee






Photo Credits: MARCEL DUBOIS



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