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Montreal Jazz Festival 2005







Piano Keyboard




Featured artist: MARC JORDAN
Marc Jordan


To say a musician has duende is not a statement to be made lightly. A distant cousin to the English muse, the Spanish duende is darker, somewhat sinister and indefinable. The audience will whisper duende after a flamenco guitarist plays a passage that plumbs the depths of rarely expressed human emotion. Virtuosity has nothing to do with it. That said, Marc Jordan’s voice has duende. His voice is easy to listen to, yet its honey coated timbre adds to the mystery. After his sweetness draws you in, you realize you’re captive in the dark recesses of the human heart.

Jordan is hard to pin down as a songwriter. His tunes have been recorded by many, including Joe Cocker, Chicago, Kenny Loggins, Natalie Cole, and The Manhattan Transfer. He penned two of Rod Stewart’s hits; "Rhythm Of My Heart" and "This." Cher’s hit album of 1999, titled Believe, includes his "Taxi Taxi." He’s also written for both television and film, including some Hollywood blockbusters, such as The Perfect Storm.

Listen to Jordan’s voice on "Let’s Waste Some Time," a duet sung with Molly Johnson from his Make Believe Ballroom. It sounds as if he’s channeled Antonio Carlos Jobim’s easy going bossa nova. The difference is Jordan’s timbre has more of an emotional edge -- Chet Baker without the self-destructiveness. He can sound like a rocker, a jazz singer or a folk singer. For the past thirty years, he’s been making records for the world’s top record companies, including Warner Bros., BMG, Atlantic Records and EMI Canada.

Marc Jordan makes his home in Toronto with his wife, the singer-songwriter Amy Sky and their two children. His most recent musical project is a home grown collaborative venture with Cindy Church, Murray McLauchlan and Ian Thomas.

The concept for the tour was born during a get together at Allen’s, the famed Toronto restaurant and music haunt. The long time friends realized they had never performed together. The result is the musical revue, Lunch at Allen’s, a celebration of Canada’s most loved singer-songwriters. The tour is taking place throughout Canada until May 2007. For more info and sound clips, go to the Lunch at Allen’s Live Tour Artists web site.

Marc Jordan’s music is impossible to categorize – a Japanese web site describes his style as "Adult Contemporary." He’s been called a torch singer and a "songwriter to the stars." To my mind, he’s beyond category, where every new song is another good reason to listen to him.

Listen to Marc sing LET'S WASTE SOME TIME



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