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With your permission, our organization, Chez Stella, is linking your article to our Site.

Omg she is SOOOO inspiring! I think I want to be a prostitute when I grow up! I love her!

from Mary P.
I am a single working Mother of two teenage daughters, struggling to pay the bills, to pass to my children the values in which I was raised. An article like the one you published, which is available to everyone on the Internet, that encourages girls like my daughters to become prostitutes is your shame. SHAME ON YOU.

from Llayn Basiao
Quoting from the interview with a sex worker: "I want to encourage some of us women to become prostitutes, with the means to correct the economic injustices men have subjected us to throughout our history."

This is one of the most stupidest things I've ever heard of . . . to encourage women to disgrace themselves their dignity. The so-called economic injustices is past us now. Now, women are making a way for themselves in the world but not through PROSTITUTION.
If she was as intelligent as she claimed she would have been smart enough to know how she's at the lowest point of her life right now. Coming from a traditional family, if she had listened to bible stories as a child she might have remembered that God designed one man to only one woman AND vice versa.
In conclusion I hope she enjoys her 'well-earned' money.
I think if you like it I love it. I mean no one has a rite to judge anyone and I'm referring to the other to negative commenters. Honey do your thing. I'm becoming a beginner lady of the nite as my home girl put and I'm nervous. Any words of advice and encouragement? Please and thank you.
Good for you! I don't see any harm in it honestly. It's good money and it's no different than a guy getting drunk at a bar and doing his best trying to have sex with every woman in there. We cook, clean, take care of kids etc. for men why shouldn't women get paid for it?
I'm not a prostitute and I honestly don't think I could ever do it, but I still don't think people should be prejudice towards the fact. It's your own body and it's your choice.
This girl is obviouly sick! How the hell are you going to open a school to teach women how to be prostitutes? What is there to teach? Why should you be proud of having sex with a complete stranger and putting yourself in risks of getting diseases ? This women is the definition of a true whore.
The school, for young people especially, will teach them about diseases and bad intended clients and how to save money and be self-respecting. What's wrong with that?
What are you talking about all women getting all the minimum wage and doing menial work. Apply yourself you dumb hooker. My mother alone built herself up from nothing and now owns two restaurants/ hotels.
I want to be like the girls on Perfect Girls. Please help me?
She has killed her self even when still living. @last it's going to be eternity in hell if she fails to repent.
Truly I don't like whatsoever be the reason why you guys do this. In GODS name PLEASE STOP.
She sounds reasonable on some points, but sex doesn't produce materials (food, shelter) which is the basis for us to survive. Without that, how to persuade men pay to her? Prostitution is basically taking advantage of others.
She's so dumb she doesn't realize that her "wealth" only exists because males allow it to. The day males get fed up with this kind of abuse of sexual power, her wealth will be confiscated by a typically male army and these whores will be back on the street.
I honestly think that being a sex worker is 100% perfectly fine. And if a school for it opened up, I would definatly be in it. Anyway I just agree with everything she said, and she really has some real good points.
Where is this school? What is this organization doing now?
Jesus will return like a thief in the night, will you be ready?
Hilarious. There's a reason why the majority of men and women marry. Nature makes the rules, not a bunch of whores. Get used to this.
I just have to say that the Golden Shower thing sounds really inaccurate. I don't know why you would think it is because men hate you. I like Golden Showers for totally different reasons. To be used as a toilet is humiliating for the man and empowering for the woman, it is an act of domination on her part. I find it really offensive that you assume men with this fetish, such as myself who absolutely love women (even their excrement) can at any time become violent.
Very very interesting. I agree with the sex worker when she said most men last 3 minutes. I ca relate to that. I'm all for the school of prostitutes. Theres a wrong way and then theres a right way to pleasure a male. Right on sex worker.
I ran across this interview. Am curious how you get started. I have been giving myself away for years and have toyed with the idea of charging for sex because I feel empty and let down afterwards, and broke. I'm 47, look younger than my age and receive a lot of male attention in all places. How do I initiate being paid?
You are an idiot, spending so much time an effort trying to destroy man. What if you succeed? What is the prize? It's hard to be a man, a real man, what if you succed trying to take everything away from men, then they decide to use their physical suppiority. As you say itis all we have, you will be crushed. Instantly.You are an idiot, working as low level prostitute.

Are you not beautiful for high class escort work?Or you don't want to deal with men who can afford to buy you completely?

You are an idiot, doing things for the wrong reasons. And it's exactly the opposite to what men NEED from women for progress,

Yes, you do have sexual superiority; if women want, they can make that known, and that's what they use to crush a man, so in a sense it's abuse. They say mental abuse is worse that physical abuse,

I think your political campaign will be crushed, and your money taken. You are on shakey ground.

Maybe if I was a woman I would be a whoe, but then I believe I would be one of those people, doing it because of negative things that have happened to me, and I wasn't lucky enough to find natural happiness with a natural partner -- that is the saddest thing,

A women can live in her depression being a prostitute, a man can by crushed by this women and live a alone. Yeah, maybe you are better off. Keep it to yourself you fukin idiot. Just make your money and enjoy life, do your job and please men. We are paying for your life style, and you want to crush us. I don't get it.

from Bangalore
I feel really sorry for that sex worke . . ..may god bless her with good thoughts in her next life.
I like prostitution.






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