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Edward Said (vol 2, no. 3) bases the entire Palestinian claim to their being disposessed (of a state?) in 1948 and in 1967. He neglects to mention some minor points. In both cases a number of Arab armies attacked the Jewish state and in both cases lost. In neither of these attacks were there Palestinian armies for the simple fact there had never been a Palestinian state or army. And one more minor point -- Iraq signed the Treaty of Versailles declaration that a Jewish State would be created from the British Mandate over the entire area of what is now Jordan, Israel and the West Bank. Apparently a Jewish state could be acceptable to Muslims in recent history and there was no Palestinian issue for them. People can only claim a right of return to an area they once had control of and again have control over. What Palestinian monarch, Prime Minister, President ever ruled Palestine? How can they claim a right of return to an area that is not theirs. Shall close to a million Jews claim a right of return to Arab countries which admittedly evicted them? Compensation for property, given full documentation, is certainly in order and the Jewish claim against Arab states is a better case than unsubstantiated case for disposSessed Palestinians.

Would Edward Said care to begin by setting forth legal evidence for himself and drop the rhetoric of an oppressed victim?

Herbert Basser, Professor of Religious Studies, Queen's University, Kingston Canada.


The interview with Edward Said is absolute garbage--it reads like a set up for a one-sided barrage of everything that's already been claimed FALSELY by Palestinians. Simply offensive to have to read this old crap.
Olga Stein

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