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Vol. 2, No. 2, 2003

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Robert J. Lewis
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Featured artist: DELBERT MCCLINTON
Delbert McClinton

The blues ballad is a fickle beast. This deceptively simple musical mode is invariably where the blues separates the men from the boys. All too often, would-be bluesmen who are otherwise palatable become intolerable when they try their hand at it; only the most skillful musicians can fill the ballad's precious silence with meaningful, heartfelt sound. These pretenders sometimes opt to play it safe by covering old blues standards, not with the intent of reinterpreting, reinvigorating and reinventing, but to avoid having to deal with material on its own terms as the great pioneers did before them. It is their inability to relate to a song's true emotional content (or finding their own meaning therein) that makes them more likely to resort to mimicry. They thereby become unwitting accessories to the embalming process, turning the time-tested art form of the blues into a muzak more appropriate to beer commercials and sitcom theme songs. Unfortunately, artists for whom the blues is not merely an inspirational strip-mine to be ceaselessly exploited are in short supply.

That is why it is so refreshing to discover a composition like Delbert McClinton's All There Is Of Me. Apt pupil that he is, he has crafted a resonant and relevant contemporary blues recording with the tools handed down to him from his teachers. The clever, candid lyrics mark him as a truly gifted storyteller. The masterful phrasing and seasoned, soulful voice, convey that sublime sense of restrained urgency that is so difficult to attain, and which all singers should aspire to. The arrangement is relaxed; the notes falling into place as if by chance, belying the outstanding musicianship at work. This is one fine recording that Delbert McClinton has bestowed upon the world.

Smooth, understated and eminently listenable, All There Is Of Me is a quintessential blues ensemble piece.

Listen to Delbert McClinton's ALL THERE IS OF ME.


SIX DEGREES OF BLUES: Conceived and written by Emanuel Pordes

Emanuel Pordes With a curiosity that begins in the delta and extends to the stratosphere, Emanuel Pordes is a blues lover for whom the addiction to 12 bar has no downside. Where there's good blues to be had, whether it be old, lost, neglected, co-opted, or buried under the charts, that is where he likes to be. He produced Six Degrees of Blues at WGRE 91.5

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