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Vol. 2, No. 2, 2003

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Robert J. Lewis
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The French helped build Iraq's nuclear reactor, Russia recently invaded the Chechen Republic (for oil - of course) and China has invaded Tibet. They all have their excuses. Not one of them however has cared to abide by any UN resolutions concerning their particular little obscenities.

We are not surprised to learn that these countries have billion-dollar oil contracts with Iraq. And, not surprisingly, these same countries want to keep the United States from sharing in the Iraqi oil trade. Increased American power and influence is a threat to them and is the real reason for their objections. So where were all the peace protestors when the French were trading nuclear know-how for oil and influence, when the Russians were killing people for oil and power, and when the Chinese were turning Tibet into a cemetery.

At least, some argue, those countries were doing business with Iraq and not killing its people. And while these nations might make the hypocritical claim that they knew nothing of what Saddam was doing with the profit-from-oil contracts, the Kurds and the citizens of Iraq would definitely know from direct personal experience.

And now the French are insisting that the United Nations be in charge of rebuilding Iraq after the war. In other words the French and others want to make a profit out of a war they condemn the Americans for conducting.

I have no doubt whatsoever that if any of these countries had had the backbone for it, they would have invaded Iraq as well. Are we forgetting the French fiascos in Viet Nam and Algeria, or more recently the Russian fiasco in Afghanistan? Rhetoric and slick propaganda notwithstanding, these aggressions were initiated for the sake of power and influence in the world - case closed. And as long as the world remains a place where power and influence are gained through war then let us be the ones to win at it. Screw everybody else because -- history warns us -- they would likely screw us if they could.

So long as the United Nations continues to countenance the French, Germans, Russians and the Chinese pretending to support peace in the world while conducting their own campaigns of murder-for-power-and-oil, its prestige will continue to decline.

All the high sounding moral UN pronouncements over Iraqi intransigence did nothing to prevent Saddam Hussein from arresting and torturing men, women and children. It is not outside the realm of reason to imagine that the United Nations might summon the resolve to act decisively if the French, Germans, Russians and Chinese felt they could further their self interest in supporting such a resolution.

Which is to say, the well of hypocrisy in the world is apparently well enough for everybody. How can anyone claim we are more evolved than our ancestors since leaving the trees epochs ago. Back then, life was a life-and-death struggle for resources. The roil over oil in Iraq suggests very little has changed. We live by reason as long as it does not stand in the way of narrow self-interest. And despite the protests of reason, we continue to follow one ideal after another, one politically correct idea after another, one fundamentalism after another. We kill those who perform abortions because abortion is murder, we threaten human life (medical researchers) for the sake of animal rights, we ignore the aggressions of other nations but protest American aggression. Reason is made into an enemy, and our ideals become our deadly prejudices.

It is only when we lose our prejudices that we will recognize we are all innocent and we are all guilty. Until we accept that reality, nothing will change. The barbarians aren't someone else, the barbarians are always us.

In the end, selective passivism in a world full of bullies is just another self-indulgence, another irresponsible act, another abandonment of reason.




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