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Gustavo Sigal was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After graduating from the faculty of civil enginnering at the University of Buenos Aires, he studied stage management, film and photography before taking up painting and working with well known artists Claudio Barragán and Alejandro Boim.

He has exhibited his work in the Del Socorro Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, (2002), has participated in the XIII Salon of Tango in the Municipal Museum Felix Amador, Argentina (2001); the XXIII National salon of Painting in the Fine Arts Municipal Museum, Argentina (2001); the IV National Salon of Painting of Avellaneda in the Province de Santa- Fe, Argentinae (2000); the VI Small Format Salon, Edea 2000 Gallery (2000) and the XVII Salon of Tango "Hommage to Sigfrido Pastor", Municipality Vicente López, Argentina (1999). Sigal now makes his home and pursues his artistic career in Montreal, Quebec.


Translated by Julio C. Chackal N.

yobien y vos

We perceive the light primarily through the shadows it creates. In painting, therefore, if we wish to make an element stand out, we will cause the element to be illuminated and the background to be darker or we will use 'colder' colors for one and 'warmer' colors for the other, or we will play with these possibilities.

Viajen NoctornoOur eyes are accustomed to compare and we see as a result of contrasts or differences. When we arrive in a country the process is somewhat similar. The place where we arrive is as important as that place we have left; it is on the basis of their differences that our 'scale' of perception will begin to tilt.





Our memories will be measured against our expectations, our amenable reaction against possibilities which appear to us, our certain history against our uncertain future.

In my case, I leave a land, Argentina, which has lost its smile, where hunger and poverty persist in a way that appears permanent (hopefully time will prove me wrong), where no future can be seen; and there, where there appears to be no future, life cannot exist.

El Tate

I arrive in a country which opens its doors to me, which treats me as an equal. A country with its shortcomings and its virtues, but a country in which hope is alive and where there always appears a door ready to open for me.

Perhaps in the field of art these doors are fewer in this new country? Perhaps these doors are more hidden? Both perceptions appear to be true.

Perhaps it is more difficult here to combine quality and the tastes of the market? This also appears to be true.

Senor y MesaAuto Verdo





In these perceptions, however, is the challenge for the artist, to find those doors which offer hope although he may feel those doors do not exist. The artist knows that in this constant search life will unfold before him.



All works copyright Gustavo Sigal

Editors note: To find out more about the artist or to get in touch with him, please write to, to the attention of Marissa Consiglieri de Chackal - Arts Editor.










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